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Many families these days are opting to allow their child to choose their own personal spiritual or religious path later on in life when they become old enough to reflect on these deep issues. This means that many people no longer choose a traditional Christening in church for their baby, but still want a meaningful and significant baby naming ceremony where family and friends can gather together to collaboratively welcome and witness the baby naming of the treasured newcomer to the family in an atmosphere of loving acceptance. Sometimes older siblings will also be included in the naming ceremony if desired.

What is an Independent Naming Ceremony Celebrant?

An Independent Naming Ceremony Celebrant is unrestricted by religious or civil formalities, having been trained to a high professional standard of excellence in creating and conducting ceremonies. As a Naming Ceremony Celebrant I can make your baby’s naming day a treasured, memorable and joyful occasion!

Why choose an Independent Naming Ceremony Celebrant?

Increasing numbers of people are opting for non-religious baby naming ceremonies as an alternative to a traditional Christening. This may be because the family is not religious or simply for other personal reasons. As an Independent Naming Ceremony Celebrant, I can offer you and your family a beautiful, personal, bespoke baby naming ceremony to formally welcome your beautiful new person to the world. It can take place in any venue of your choice, other than a church. Popular venues include your home, a marquee in the garden, a community hall and so on.

How does it work?

I will meet with you and work closely with you before the day so that all your personal wishes are fully included. Then on the day of the ceremony I will conduct the proceedings and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What does an Independent Naming Ceremony Celebrant do?

I will participate as much or as little as you choose in composing your ceremony. You may like to consider incorporating some creative ideas, all of which I can help you with if you wish.
Poems, either sourced or personally written
Favourite pieces of music, either recorded or performed live
Your own personal creative ideas, the ideas really are endless!

I can offer you a beautiful bespoke baby naming ceremony which will become a lasting and treasured memory. I can guide you through the creation of the whole naming ceremony, assisting as much or as little as you choose with creative ideas. I will work closely with you before the day to ensure that all your wishes and desires are realized, then I will conduct the baby naming ceremony on the day and present you with a commemorative copy of the naming ceremony and a keepsake certificate.

Although the term Godparents is specifically appropriate to a Christian Christening, most parents enjoy offering a particular role of commitment to specially chosen people who will serve as significant adults in the child’s life. They can be given any title you choose such as Guide Parents, or Special Aunties/Uncles and so on. In this way the traditional sacred ritual is respected and the loving commitments to the child deeply observed. Your baby naming ceremony may be semi-religious, spiritual or humanistic, it’s your choice.

Adopted Children

You may feel that your adopted child may benefit from a slightly different type of naming ceremony, one which embraces their unique situation, leaving their old life and being received into their new one with you in the spirit of love, commitment, joy and acceptance. You as adoptive parents may also benefit from the ritual of letting go of the past (if you have experienced the pain of loss in any form) and receiving your new child into your lives and your hearts. Whatever the age of the child, a naming ceremony such as this can profoundly deepen the family bonding and attachment process and normalize the child’s feelings. It can be combined with a naming ceremony if that is your choice.

I assure you of my warm, professional response to your enquiry.

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